Friday, 21 July 2017

Shibori Naturals

Sorry it has been so long!!  Here are some new pieces that I have been working on using natural dyes and natural Indigo.  The colours are beautiful.  Indigo works well with madder, pomegranate, iron and beet!!  Love all the variations that you can make.

This is one of the cushions that I dyed using an Indigo  tint first, Itajime Shibori, dyed in a dark Indigo vat,
maki-age shibori and then dyed in dark Indigo again
This is the lovely Phillipa modelling a textured scarf.  It has rows of Ori-Nui shibori and then dyed in natural beet.

Another Indigo scarf that has been dyed first in pomegranate, maki-age shibori stitched around hand drawn leaf shapes and then dyed in dark Indigo

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