Sunday, 7 April 2019

Experiment with Indigo Shibori on paper.

I am teaching a workshop at Studio West End very shortly and we will be using fabric and paper.  Here are some of my experiments using A4 size paper.

 I have used Japanese Rice paper and dipped it into a pale Indigo vat. I have used Itajime Shibori

This piece is Arashi Shibori and I have used thick plastic
                                                    to bind it onto a pole before dyeing in a full strength vat.

 This piece is quite thick and is cotton rag paper from India.  It has been folded and bound with fine string on a pole but not pushed up like traditional Arashi shibori

This piece is an Itajime using pegs and clips

This piece has had a sprinkling of tea leaves and placed in very hot water, dried and then folded and clamped as an Itajime piece and dipped into Indigo

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