Wednesday, 1 May 2019



I will be teaching the following workshops this year

JANUARY 14-18-  Camp Creative, Bellingen, NSW- Shibori, Indigo and Natural dyes 

APRIL 6- Sewing Adventures- Salisbury, Brisbane, QLD- Indigo Shibori Scarves

APRIL 27-29th- Studio West End- Yeerongpilly, Brisbane, Qld, -Shibori Indigo Paper & Fabric

MAY 11th- Sewing Adventures- Salisbury Brisbane, QLD- Indigo Shibori Scarves

JUNE 2nd- Minnie & Lucille, Armidale, NSW- Indigo Shibori paper and fabric

JULY 6th- Frost Over Barraba Festival, Barraba, NSW- Indigo Shibori Scarves

AUGUST 10th-11th- Global Yell Textiles, Yell, Shetland, UK- Indigo Shibori 

SEPT 29th- OCT 5th- Geelong Fibre Forum, Geelong, VIC,- The Shibori Blues Workshop

Sunday, 7 April 2019

Experiment with Indigo Shibori on paper.

I am teaching a workshop at Studio West End very shortly and we will be using fabric and paper.  Here are some of my experiments using A4 size paper.

 I have used Japanese Rice paper and dipped it into a pale Indigo vat. I have used Itajime Shibori

This piece is Arashi Shibori and I have used thick plastic
                                                    to bind it onto a pole before dyeing in a full strength vat.

 This piece is quite thick and is cotton rag paper from India.  It has been folded and bound with fine string on a pole but not pushed up like traditional Arashi shibori

This piece is an Itajime using pegs and clips

This piece has had a sprinkling of tea leaves and placed in very hot water, dried and then folded and clamped as an Itajime piece and dipped into Indigo

Shibori Teaching

Feast your eyes on these beautiful pieces that my students have produced!!  They listened well!!

Bomaki Shibori

 Itajime shibori

                      Showing pieces made over a 5 day workshop  

 Lovely Mountain Path Shibori
                               Itajime piece drying on the line

Another example of Itajime Shibori using perspex clamps.

Indigo Shibori

These are a few on the Shibori Indigo pieces that I have been working on recently.

This piece is stitched using the techniques of        Ori-Nui and Hishaki-Nui.  It was first stitched      and tied before placing into an Indigo wash vat    which gave it the paler blue background.  It was   then stitched again and bound with string onto a   pole and dyed in a full strength Indigo vat to give it the dark blue areas.  The piece is worked on      linen and is 30cmx50cm.

This piece is called Shell and is worked on a     heavy cotton fabric and is 30cmx50cm. I have  used a technique called Guntai stitching where the stitch is similar to a Whip stitch but pulled  up very tightly as it is done so that areas of the  design twist in interesting ways to form the       pattern.  It works best on longer thinner areas   .

This is a piece of Katano Shibori that I completed using the sewing machine in place of hand stitching as this would have taken too long!!  After I concertina folded the piece 5 times I stitched my design and placed it in the Indigo vat for 3 short dips. After you unpick the stitching your design will be revealed and as you can see the inside takes less dye than the outer edges as the dye won't penetrate as far into the fabric.  It will also depend on the complexity of your design and thickness of fabric.

Friday, 21 July 2017

Shibori Naturals

Sorry it has been so long!!  Here are some new pieces that I have been working on using natural dyes and natural Indigo.  The colours are beautiful.  Indigo works well with madder, pomegranate, iron and beet!!  Love all the variations that you can make.

This is one of the cushions that I dyed using an Indigo  tint first, Itajime Shibori, dyed in a dark Indigo vat,
maki-age shibori and then dyed in dark Indigo again
This is the lovely Phillipa modelling a textured scarf.  It has rows of Ori-Nui shibori and then dyed in natural beet.

Another Indigo scarf that has been dyed first in pomegranate, maki-age shibori stitched around hand drawn leaf shapes and then dyed in dark Indigo

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Its Great to have Friends!!

A while ago I had my first solo exhibition at Gallery 159 in Brisbane.  It was wonderful to have the whole gallery to myself!!  I made a series of art pieces for the wall and also made lots of one off designer garments.  I asked a few of my friends to model for me and this is the result!! We used my backyard to photograph my wearables. 
More in my next post!!

Robbie in a shibori sarong
Kath in a duster jacket 
Emma in "Bat" dress
Philip looking elegant in a long duster coat
Anna in a batwing jacket
Camile looking lovely in velvet and georgette
Grace wearing a bright pink top

Friday, 29 May 2015

Keeping Up the Interest!!

Just a few more images to keep you interested!!
 These are boots I made during a workshop with Luna Newby.  I inserted fabric I made.  This piece is called Jaffa Crush.  The fabric being crushed is 3D Shibori.

This piece won The Most Beautiful Scarf at the Melbourne Scarf Show quite a few years back.  Silk Shibori and Acid dyes.

This piece has gone to a private collection and is called Sunset Fabric.  Silk Chiffon, Acid dyes.